George Santos Hauls Luggage and Shopping Bags into Sister’s Apartment, After Fabrication Scandal

On December 27, a photo showing Congressman-elect George Santos carrying a number of items inside her sister’s Elmhurst house surfaced. After he feigned his degree and career history, he was seen transporting baggage and shopping bags.


Questionable Assets

In the most recent images, Santos can also be seen entering her building while holding two leashed dogs. Santos later expressed regret for making up details of his biography, but not before claiming that the Times was engaged in a smear campaign against him.

These fabrications are disgusting, but he managed to sway voters in his district. Because of how many lies Santos has spoken and how many people he has invented, this controversy should force him to resign from Congress in a morally upright society. However, this tale goes beyond simple egotism. His entire campaign was based on falsehoods, and several aspects of his story pose issues beyond dishonesty, a source posted. 

The House Ethics Committee will investigate Santos to see if he misled voters in any way, such as by lying on the financial disclosure form that candidates should submit to the House. Now that his financial declaration is in doubt, everyone is curious about the source of his enormous wealth.

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A Call for Santos’ Resignation

Following his admission that he had faked elements of his resume, including facts about his school and career experience, Rep.-elect George Santos is receiving more and more calls for his resignation.

In a statement released Tuesday, Nassau GOP Chairman Joseph Cairo expressed his deep disappointment in Santos and stated that he had anticipated more than simply a general apology. Santos, he continued, must demonstrate that he has taken the lesson to heart.

Santos misled them and misrepresented his ethnicity, according to Matt Brooks, CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a political organization that backs Jewish Republicans, according to the report.

Democrats from California, Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell, both said that Santos shouldn’t be permitted to hold elective office. Robert Zimmerman, a Democrat, urged him to step down and challenge him in a special election.