Father, son nabbed for theft after accepting money for job not completed

A father and son combo from the Brazos Valley who were detained on Christmas Eve for stealing have been released on bail.

Details Of The Report

Randall Fred Eubank, 59, of North Zulch, has been charged with three charges of theft of goods between $2,500 and $30K, and Aubrey Gibson Eubank, 28, of College Station, has been charged with one count of the same.

According to the College Station Police, a nearby business hired Painters Unlimited to paint their house. The duo asked an advance payment of $3,750 for the first half of the payment and another $3,742 for the carpentry necessary to complete the painting. According to arrest records, the family accepted the restrictions and paid the fine. According to arrest papers, Aubrey began the task by pressure washing the house, cashed the payment, and left the area.

The arrest papers said the family asked for their money back a few days after a contractor for a third party departed the work, alleging he hadn’t been paid. The family refused and demanded a refund, despite Randall’s insistence that the work would be completed and they would employ a more dependable contractor. However, the family did offer to pay for the work that had already been done.

According to CSPD arrest papers, Randall promised to pay the family back on June 4, 2022, but that promise was never kept. The checks had already been cashed when the family tried to place a stop payment on them. Based on reports, the couple was given plenty of time to pay back the loan.

“After accepting the case for further investigation, I got in touch with Randall and discussed the matter with him. He promised to repay “the family” over the course of many weeks. There was a new justification for not having the money every week, according to the statement.

Other Victims

A family in Bryan was also a victim, according to the CSPD, and there was a trend with the pair.

“According to the histories of both defendants, they committed the exact identical crime against a different homeowner in Bryan, Texas, at around the same time. Aubrey received the money, accepted the quotation from Randall, and then began the work. The statement read, “Aubrey never returned, leaving the job barely started with money stolen and never returned to the homeowner. It seems like Aubrey and Randall had a history of torturing individuals in this way. They would accept the money up ahead, begin the task with little effort, and then never return or return the money.

On Christmas Day, Aubrey was released after posting a $7,500 bail, while Randall was released on a $ 28,500 cash or surety bond.