Domestic Violence: Woman Working 2 Jobs to Pay for Mother’s Cancer Treatment, Found Beheaded at Home

A 21-year-old married woman, Anggy Diaz, was found beheaded in her small wooded home in Wall County on the 11th of January, reported the Waller County Sheriff’s Office. The victim’s husband who goes by the name Jared James Dicus has been accused of her wife’s death, confirmed Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry confirmed.

Gruesome Massacre

The Deputies were called to the scene of the crime at Oak Hollow at around 16:30, reporting her death. When they arrived, they found the victim inside the little house behind the husband’s parents’ house. From what could be deciphered at the scene, it was reported that a kitchen knife was used in order to decapitate the woman. The officers later confirmed that a few calls were made from this house to 911 but they were mostly for disturbance and outright bad behavior, never something of this intensity. He went on to talk about how treacherous is this world we live in and how both the couples’ families are going to be massively affected by it.

Anggy Diaz’s head was cut and her body was placed inside the house, showing the level of horrifying and spine-chilling end that woman must have faced from her own husband. The husband remained inside the house until the deputies came to the scene. Later, his family was taken into interrogation and he confessed to killing his wife. The reason behind it is yet to be discovered. The investigation continues.

Diaz’s friends reportedly said that she was from Nicaragua and was selflessly working 2 jobs one after the other in order to garner enough money for her ill mother’s cancer treatment back at home. Anggy was described as a young woman full of vitality and smiles. The couple had gotten married last year in October after meeting each other at her job. Her friends confessed that they always knew something was wrong, especially after the wedding but had never expected that it will go down like this, with their friend’s ghastly death in the hands of her own husband.

A Saddening End

Veronica Jimenez, Anggy’s boss said she was truly happy after her marriage with her very loving husband, but there were sure days when she seemed a little off and indifferent. The boss went on to say that she didn’t understand if she was tired because of how strenuous her job was or because of her marriage with her husband.

A few CCTV videos from the shop where Diaz worked, show her husband Dicus pulling up in the parking lot at 11:40 AM on the fateful day that she died. He was seen walking up to the stop, grabbing a beer, and leaving without paying any money. He takes a sip of the beer in the parking lot and drives away shortly after that. A GoFundMe page has been put up to raise money for Anggy’s funeral.

With this case coming up in the press, it’s dangerous how many new cases of Domestic Violence have come up in Houston. The victims often suffer at the hands of their loved ones, without coming and speaking up about it for they feel embarrassed and scared.