California man who came to Texas stabs boyfriend to death for 93 times; sentenced to life in prison

A San Diego, California, man who went to Texas in 2020 to kill his partner was given a life sentence.

Police Report

On October 31, 2020, on the side of a country road, Chad Luera, 30, was allegedly stabbed 93 times by 25-year-old Alexander Yoichi Duberek.

According to a news release from the authorities, he was charged with one count of interstate domestic violence resulting in death in September 2021 and entered a plea of guilty in July 2022. The U.S. sentenced him on Thursday. Judge James Wesley Hendrix for the district.

Authorities claimed Duberek came at the Lubbock airport that evening with the intention of meeting his partner, who resides in Plainview.

Duberek hired a cab to a Sam’s Club, where he paid $3,000 for a Toyota Camry in the parking lot. The press statement claims that he then went to a Walmart and purchased a knife, hatchet, gas can, collapsible shovel, headlamp, pants, boots, personal hygiene products, and a first aid kit.

He then went over to Luera’s house and informed his family that he was going to take him on a date. At the sentencing hearing on Thursday, the prosecution stated that they had intended to stay at a hotel.

“This defendant explained the date night he had planned for the two of them while looking his boyfriend’s relatives in the eyes. But rather than offering a romantic evening, he carried out a cruel plot to kill a 30-year-old man and dispose of his body, according to U.S. Leigha Simonton, an attorney, stated in the statement.

After killing Luera and disposing of his body, he went to Houston.

He put the Camry up for auction there. Later, blood was discovered in the Camry’s backseat.

He was sought after by the law up until March 18, when he surrendered to San Diego police.

Victim’s Aunt Side

The victim’s aunt spoke before the sentence, saying, “After savagely assaulting him, the defendant left this lovely human being, who he purportedly loved and planned to marry, by the side of the road, like yesterday’s trash, like his life didn’t count, to bleed to death.” 

“Why would he put out a light that was so brilliant and was shining for so many people? Why didn’t he simply remain in California and continue living his life? ”

Other Crime Reports

The public’s help is needed to find the individual responsible for the murder of a 47-year-old man at a construction site, say the San Antonio Police Department and Crime Stoppers.

Jesus “Jesse” Solis was reportedly found shot to death on January 13, 2020, in the 5600 Tranquil Dawn neighborhood on the city’s Northeast Side.

According to the police, it was just Solis’ second day of employment at that location, and it was typical for him to be the first one there each day. They think he was murdered during a heist.

Authorities said Solis was a member of a group that built new roadways in recently formed subdivided subdivisions while working for Legacy Sitework.