Alief Woman Hopes Thief Returns Her 14 Year Old Dog That He Stole

In Houston, a woman grieves the loss of her precious little dog.

Heartbreaking Departure

An Alief resident who goes by the name Alexandra Medellin said that this unfortunate and unforeseen incident took place on Thursday, the 26th of January, 2023. What went down at her place was that a burglar not only stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of her clothes and belongings but also took her little dog with her.

She reportedly told the police officers why would anyone take somebody’s dog with them while they’re stealing for the purpose of money. It doesn’t bring any value to them but subsequently takes away so much from the owner. It’s devastating and it fees extremely hopeless. She told the law enforcement officers that the burglar had entered her house through the garage and had used a massive hammer to get into the residence.

In a CCTV security video that she shared, a man can be very clearly seen closing the victim’s gates and then walking out of the residence with a petite little dog in hand. The dog is a dainty, 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier and the victim, Alexandra said that she requires intensive care and timely medication. She isn’t viable to breed, she doesn’t have any teeth and her tongue sticks out. Alexandra says that she’s the one and only person who would look at that dog and endow her to be the most stunning and flawless dog in this whole wide world because it’s like her baby. To think that a burglar stole her feels like her life is snatched away from her.

Prized Possession

Alexandra has an adorable 5 year old daughter whose name is Anastasia and she was right next to her crying and wailing as she saw the thief stealing Lilly. Alexandra said that Lilly was like Anastasia’s sister because Anastasia is a single child and Lilly was like a family member to all of them. The very reason Alexandra was not in the house was because she had been at the hospital the entire day with her father who was being transferred to hospice care.

She went on to say that it was already degrading and pathetic that her father was having to go through it but to have someone invade their privacy, steal their belongings as well as their precious little dog made everything all the more miserable. She is a creative designer by profession and the burglar took all the instruments that she used alongwith her lenses and her laptop.

She says giving everything up is still easy but to be away from her one true priceless possession, the dog, is more than sad. She remarks on starting everything from scratch and managing work somehow as of now but she wants her dog back, no questions asked. She has filed a report at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any information whatsoever regarding this case, you’re requested to contact them at 713-221-6000.