A woman’s mummified body was discovered on a trash bin in South Carolina

A dead woman’s body was discovered in a donation bin. A bystander on Highway 1 allegedly detected a bad smell coming from the trash bin.

Authorities of Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office quickly responded to the scene. Investigators believe that the woman’s corpse had been inside for a long period.

They also thought at first that the body might be from someone seeking shelter but immediately determined the remains had been in the bin for at least several months. There are even VHS cassettes were found in the donation bin with the corpse (Marchant, 2023).

Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan stated that the body appears to have might been there for months. Coroner David West added that the body had been virtually mummified.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to determine the cause and manner of death. Police are not ruling out foul play at this time but say it is very early to conclude before a further investigation occurs.

For the time being, the investigators believe it is a female body because it was dressed in a female clothing. Also, the investigators are considering the death as a homicide and have removed both the bin and the corpse for further examination. The authorities will conduct a further investigation about the incident.

According to reports, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is collaborating with the investigation.