9-Year-Old Boy Was Fatally Shot on New Year’s Day; Medical Examiners Ruled Homicide

Police officers in Chicago are investigating the death of a 9-year-old boy after he was fatally shot on New Year’s Day. The victim was identified as Jarvis Watt.

In the tweet of Tom Ahern, the deputy director of news and communications for the Chicago Police Department last January 1, he divulged that a 9-year-old boy was fatally shot in a family member’s home at 9400 block of South Wallace Street. 

The victim was immediately transported to Corner Children’s  Hospital for treatment but did not survive. 

The detectives from Area 2 were assigned to investigate the case. The firearm used to shoot the victim has reportedly not been found yet. Police said there were multiple other children and family members present during the incident.

The Cook County Medical Examiners’ office ruled that the death of the boy was a homicide.

It is still unclear who triggered the firearm. No arrests have been made since the police interviewed people who were present during the incident.

Neighbors of the deceased victim described him as a good and sweet little boy. He would help them with groceries and he loves to play outside and have fun.  Police advise the public to be responsible for their firearms to avoid such accidents in the future.