$725K Stimulus Funds for Saginaw Community Centers

At the next meeting, the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners might decide and agree to approve and support $725,000 in subsidy for community and public centers in Saginaw.

At the meeting on Tuesday, December 20 at 5 p.m. in the Saginaw County Governmental Center, 111 S. Michigan in Saginaw, the panel might deliberate four spending proposals. The county will get the money from the $37 million in federal stimulus money it expected last year in the American Rescue Plan Act.

According to county accounts, the two best luxurious proposals worth $250,000 each will support programs at both First Ward Community Service and Saginaw County Community Action Committee. After the Saginaw City Council approved and accepted the spending last week, the $52 million City of Saginaw ARPA fund as long as the two community centers with $500,000 each.

On Tuesday, the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners might also consider and deliberate allocating $125,000 of its ARPA funds to the Mission Nutrition program of the YMCA of Saginaw, which be responsible for free meals to youths below the age of 18.

$725K Stimulus Funds for Saginaw Community Centers
The Saginaw County Board of Commissioners at its next meeting could consider approving $725,000 in funding for Saginaw-based community centers. (Photo: MLive)

Saginaw Community Centers Could Receive $725K In County Stimulus Funds

According to a published post by MLive, the fourth plan for the region would send $100,000 in the province ARPA properties to Youth Improvement Corp. which is a Saginaw-based gifted exchange non-profit that got $1.5 million in government support and funds a year ago.

During an assembly at the governmental center on Tuesday at 4 p.m., the region board’s executive committee needs to agree on the $725,000 in ARPA spending suggestions before commissioners would consider and deliberate them. Five of the county’s eleven commissioners structured the executive committee which are Sheldon Matthews, Carl Ruth, Dennis Krafft, Gerald Little, and Michael Webster

The public place-determined recommendations were referred to the leader council by the district board’s panel of the whole meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13.