$650 Rent Rebate Program in Pennsylvania Comes to an End

Residents of Pennsylvania have until Saturday to submit an application for a rebate program that could pay them up to $650.

The Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rebate program aims to provide financial assistance to residents who are elderly or disabled. Depending on the annual income, different amounts will be given out under this program.

The ‘Where’s My Rebate?’ website of the Department of Revenue, allows applicants who submitted their applications by December 31 and are still waiting for their rebate to check its progress. An applicant will require their Social Security number, claim year, and date of birth in order to use this tool.

The maximum annual income for homeowners who are eligible for this rebate is $35,000. According to a Washington Examiner article published on December 31, 2022, these recipients will receive $650 if their annual income is $8,000 or less, $500 if it is between $8,001 and $15,000, $300 if it is between $15,001 and $18,000, and $250 if it is between $18,001 and $35,000 annually.

In addition to the income restriction, a resident must be 65 years of age or older, a widow 50 years of age or older, or a person with a disability 18 years of age or older to be eligible for this program. Spouses, personal representatives, or estates may also file this rebate application on behalf of the beneficiary provided the beneficiary has lived in their residence for at least one day during the calendar year 2021 and the beneficiary meets all other eligibility requirements.

The annual income cap for renters is $15,000 per year. Those who qualify and earn $8,000 or less will receive $650. On the other hand, those who earn between $8,000 and $15,000 will receive $500.

Since the rebate was first released publicly in 1971, recipients have received a total of $7.3 billion, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.