$600 One-Time Stimulus Check Will Be Sent To Americans, Here’s Who Qualify!

Thousands of Americans across the country are about to receive $600 one-time direct payment aid from the $665 million relief.

$600 Stimulus Check
$600 one-time stimulus check will be given to selected Americans. (Photo: Forbes)

$600 One-Time Stimulus Check

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has organized the Farm and Food Workers Relief Federal Program to provide financial needs to the selected workers in the field of agriculture. It has a total fund of $665 million worth of relief money.

In a published report in The U.S. Sun, each eligible frontline worker and farmer can get a $600 one-time stimulus check. This includes those who are working in the meatpacking industry and grocery workers across the country but they need to hit the deadline for application.

All non-profit organizations, state agencies, and tribal entities who qualify for this program have until Feb.8 to apply for the grant. Those who will qualify will receive relief money between $5 million and $50 million from the federal government.

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A Non-Profit Organization That Received the Grant

One of the non-profit organizations that received the grant is the Comite de Bienestar. It helped the Mexican-Americans and the immigrants to overcome their financial hardships in Arizona. Local eligible workers who qualify for the program can reach out to the organization to receive financial aid.

Tony Reyes, director of Comite de Bienestar, told a news outlet, “This is not exclusive to field workers, you can be a tractor driver, cooling center worker. Everyone that has something to do with the agriculture industry,” According to another report, there were around 2,000 farm workers in Yuma County who are eligible for a $600 one-time stimulus check.

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