$6.6 Million Pot – Available For One-Time Payment For Americans

Millions of American retirees may claim extra cash to help them during these times when inflation rises rapidly. Maine governor Janet Mills showed the biennial budget proposal which included payments for retirees. The one-time payment will be equivalent to a one percent cost-of-living-adjustment.

Although the amounts will vary, there is no information on whether there will be changes in the payment. This comes after the state sent out 850,000 inflation relief checks last year.

The average amount was $850 or $1700 for the average Maine family for individual residents. To fund the checks, the state used about 60 percent of its surplus.

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More money will be going out

In 2022,  Connecticut launched a $30 million Premium Pay program for workers. Several states in the North East provide direct payments and rebates to residents. The state saw a much larger number of applicants than they estimated, leading to a reduction in payments.

These new rules will give full-time workers who earned less than $50,000 the original payment of $1,000. Those making between $50,000 and $150,000 qualify between $100 and $800.

Since October 2022, the Maryland State Department of Education has been sending up to $13,500 to childcare providers – and will continue those efforts this year. The amount will vary based on the quality rating and capacity of the childcare center.

A maximum of $3,000 in New York Rochester, teachers could get. The Rochester Teachers Association voted to approve a three-year contract that will dole out the cash. During each of the first two years of the contract, there will be a retention bonus of $1,500 paid out.

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