$500 a Month Will Be Given To Selected Residents for 2 Years, Are You One of Them?

A limited group of residents in Alexandria, Virginia, have been chosen for a program that will give them $500 per month for the next two years.

170 beneficiaries have been chosen for Alexandria’s Recurring Income for Success and Equity program’s monthly payments, and they are all free to use the funds anyway they see fit. According to a news release, the program was developed with the aim of modernizing how the city assists its citizens who require financial support. Mayor Justin Wilson.


The first payment is expected to be made in February 2023, according to Julie Mullen, the ARISE coordinator, who spoke to the Washington Examiner. “However, before we can distribute the first payment, all 170 participants must be onboarded. If there are any unanticipated difficulties when we onboard participants, it could postpone the first payment, but so far, we’re on pace and are not anticipating any delays,” the spokesperson said.

On December 13, the city started informing candidates that they had been chosen at random. However, if one of these applicants drops out of the program, Abt Associates, the city’s research partner, will choose individuals at random from the program’s applicant pool to take their place, Mullen said.

Applications for the program opened on Oct. 31 and closed on Nov. 9. To have been eligible, applicants must have been residents of the city, 18 or older, and earn 50% or less of Alexandria’s area median income, which varies depending on the number of people in the applicant’s household.

The monthly and annual income caps for households with just one person are $4,154 and $49,890, respectively. The monthly and annual limitations rise somewhat for each additional member of the household, with a two-person home’s monthly limit being $4,746 and its annual maximum being $56,950. On Alexandria’s website, you may find more details about the program.