$450 Direct Payments Will Be Sent Nect Week To Nearly 1 Million Americans

Nearly one million Americans are about to receive their $450 in direct payments beginning next week as part of the Emergency Winter Relief Plan.

$450 Direct payments
$450 Direct payments for residents in Maine will start next week. (Photo: CNBC)

$450 Direct Payments

Millions of Americans continue to struggle to meet their daily needs as an effect of the pandemic and the increasing inflation rate. Many still depends on the financial assistance and other aids from the federal and state officials until today.

Recently, the state legislatures in Maine approved the Winter Energy Relief Program which will send $450 in direct payments beginning next week to nearly 1 million residents in the state. It is expected that all checks will be mailed until March 31, 2023.

Gov. Janet Mills Released a Statement

Maine Gov. Janet Mills said, “With high energy prices causing real hardship, this emergency measure will ease the financial burden on Maine people by putting money back into their pockets and ensure that our most vulnerable citizens are able to stay warm this winter.”

Moreover, it can be remembered that the state governor has been proposing and working with the state legislatures to pass the Winter Energy Relief Program early this year.

Are You Eligible?

Here are the criteria to qualify in the program:

  • must have filed a Maine income tax return as a full-year resident for the tax year 2021
  • have an income lower than $150,000 if you’re filing as head of household
  • if filing jointly, your income must be lower than $200,000
  • limit is $100,000 if filing as a single individual or a married individual filing a separate return

Furthermore, all payments will be mailed to the address on your Maine tax return.