25-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Robbing Former Place Of Employment

25-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Robbing Former Place Of Employment. In late October,  Gaston’s Police Department immediately responded to South York Road after receiving a report of armed robbery.

During the initial investigation, an employee told the police officers about the incident where a female wearing a black mask came in and struck her head then demanded money.

The suspect was armed with a handgun. After hitting the employee and getting the money, the suspect tried to escape but her mask fell off during the alleged robbery. She was immediately recognized by the employee as Natasha Otero, a former employee of the said business establishment. No other information about the suspect was given.

Otero immediately fled and escaped leaving her mask and firearm on the scene. The warrant of arrest was immediately issued but she was not arrested yet.

Last December 27, the police received a call about a shoplifting incident and responded to the scene. To their surprise, it was Otero. She was finally located and taken into police custody while allegedly shoplifting. Otero was caught in a local shoe store.

Otero’s record in Gaston County Jail shows charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon and larceny.  An amount of $51,000 was set as her bond. Gaston Police Department encourages citizens to report immediately incidents like this.