2 out of 3 Disability Applicants Denied in Texas, Ranks Third-Worst

Applicants for disability benefits must wait upwards of seven months for their applications to be processed, according to Social Security Benefit data. The report also reveals that Texas’ backlog has grown by 142%, the majority of applicants never have their benefit requests approved, and  2 out of 3 candidates are rejected nationally.

Many Applications are Denied

A Social Security Administration representative from the Texas area said in a statement that they are investigating the causes of the backlog, which include several complex problems like trouble hiring. The report also mentioned a shortage of medical professionals who can perform consultative tests and review cases and a 20 percent increase in the amount of medical evidence that must be assessed over the previous two years for disability examiners—which we are evaluating for drivers.

An applicant named Diedres Cortes, who is disabled, said she sought to apply for long-term disability benefits about three years ago and is still awaiting a response. She claimed that after roughly eight months, her application was initially rejected, a source posted. 

The most recent social security statistics, which were released earlier this month, show that delays for applicants with disabilities have gotten worse over the past few years.

Property Tax for Seniors and Disabled individuals

A new bill, which will help people stay in their homes, will grant property tax benefits to persons who are disabled or over 65 for the first time in Texas history. Paul Bettencourt, a Republican state senator from Houston, Texas, believes all homeowners must receive property tax relief.

Bettencourt’s Senate Bill 12 does this by capping the amount of property taxes that school districts may charge those 65 years of age or older or disabled. During the legislative session of 2021, the bill was approved by the House and the Senate, according to a source