2 Men Detained in Texas for Transporting Illegal Immigrants Following High-Speed Pursuit

After a high-speed chase, many illegal immigrants were found in two men’s car, leading to their arrest for people smuggling.

Details of the Report

In Uvalde County, a Texas DPS trooper attempted to stop the driver of a white Hyundai for a moving infraction.

A high-speed pursuit through the streets of Uvalde ensued when the driver of the car refused to stop the vehicle. According to a news statement from the DPS, the motorist reached speeds of 115 mph while being pursued.

The two front tires of the automobile were deflated by a tire deflation tool that was used by the neighborhood police department, stopping the car.

The trooper then took the car’s driver and passenger into custody.

According to DPS, the trooper found three illegal aliens in the back seat of the car and three more in the trunk. The six unauthorized immigrants were given to the United States. Border Guard.

Tyler Markel Washington, the driver, was accused of transporting people and avoiding capture. Jamail Williams-Thompson, the passenger, was accused of smuggling people.

According to the Texas DPS Criminal Investigations Division, Washington is a Houston-based member of the Pyro Bloods gang.

Other Reports, Apprehended Illegal Immigrants

Following a high-speed chase through Hidalgo County, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers detained 16 illegal aliens last week, according to footage.

DPS representatives shared a video of the midnight pursuit that was captured last Thursday on Twitter on Monday.

In the footage, a fast-moving SUV ultimately slows down, deviates from the path, and crashes into a field. When the car halted, night vision cameras deployed by DPS helicopters captured several undocumented individuals exiting the car and dispersing.

Two soldiers approach a bush at one point, and two illegal aliens emerge from the other side, one of whom trips and falls before getting back up and running.

Ultimately, Texas DPS aircraft assisted in the capture of 16 illegal aliens. All 16 people were sent to the United States. Border Guard.

Although the driver of the car could not be recognized, one of the 16 persons who were detained is thought to be the driver, according to DPS authorities.

The number of border crossings has substantially grown over the previous few years, going from 310,531 in 2017 to 2,214,652 in 2022. There have been 639,032 border contacts as of Sunday.

Republicans have been furious over the rise in border crossings, and some have even demanded that Alejandro Mayorkas, the US secretary of homeland security, be removed from office.