16-Year-Old Woman Murdered By Her 22-Year-Old Boyfriend in Dallas

A frightening and equally saddening case of murder has come out and the affidavit shows very clearly that the boyfriend Arturo Flores showed no emotion at all while he was questioned by the Dallas police about his girlfriend’s murder.

Untimely Death

The 16-year-old petite woman whose body was found in a creek near Oak Cliff was dating this 22-year-old man. Venus Rodriguez had multiple gunshot wounds after 10 A.M. on the 16th of January in the 1700 block of Brookhaven Drive.

Her body was found tucked under a blanket that was later spotted back to the suspect, her boyfriend, Arturo Flores, who also seemed like a sociopath being stoic and indifferent the entire time when he was in police custody during the interrogation.

The police officials from Dallas said that after Venus was identified, they spoke to her family and they said how she had run away with her boyfriend back in September of 2022. She was only 15, clearly a minor. From where her body was found buried, Arturo only lives 350 feet away.

During their extensive investigation, officers had found a picture that Arturo had so valiantly posted on her social media account that depicted her dog and the blanket which looked eerily similar to the one that was found covering her body at the creek on the 16th of January. Police spoke to the family members of Venus and one of the confirmed that the blanket belonged to her that they used for their dog. The family also confirmed that Arturo shoots his gun quite often and fought with Venus.

Stoic Culprit

Eyewitnesses in the neighborhood where Arturo and Venus lived, assured the police that they had seen Arturo chasing Venus down the street during a fight that had broken down at their house and he had also physically assaulted her many weeks before he finally murdered her.

While he was getting interrogated by the police, a family member was seen leaving Arturo’s house and was pulled over by the Dallas police. The family members had told police that he had 2 guns inside the vehicle and both of them belonged to him. 2 guns were thus located but the police aren’t sure if at all that’s the murder weapon. The vehicle was taken for further crime scene proceedings.

After getting a search warrant for Arturo’s home, Dallas police found a new mattress inside his room. Eyewitnesses confirmed seeing a brand new mattress being installed inside the culprit’s house on the 12th of January. Crime scene technicians thoroughly checked the mattress and the area under it in order to find traces of blood or flesh.

After making use of extensive forensic tools, the affidavit in the court confirmed that police had in fact found traces of blood, solid evidence, under the bed that had been cleaned up but certainly in vain. This puts the case in a solid new direction and now Arturo can be finally charged with first-degree murder of his very own teenage wife.