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After receiving a $300 tax rebate in 2022, Hawaiian may receive more rebates in 2023.

Hawaii Governor Josh Greene is considering a tax refund again this year.

The new potential rebate is different from the previous one because the new rebate is aimed at middle-class and low-income residents.

The funds are intended to help Hawaiians struggling with the high cost of living and inflation in Hawaii.

State Budget Director Luis Salaveria said: “We are looking at all kinds of assistance we can offer our residents, especially those with low and middle incomes, to provide relief that will help them lower their cost of living.” says.

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2022 refund

In 2022, a Hawaiian who filed her 2021 tax year personal income tax return before December 31, 2022 received a one-time refund.

The amount of Act 115 reimbursement was based on application status, federally adjusted gross income, and the number of exemptions for which an application was granted.

Act 115 balances allowed only one refund per person, ranging from $100 to $300.

A single filer whose income was less than $100,000 he was eligible for a $300 rebate, and a single filer whose income was greater than $100,000 he could only receive $100.

2023 discount available

Potential discounts for 2023 come from pots of $100-300 million.

The payback is due to the positive growth of Hawaii’s economy.

It has not yet been confirmed whether there will be a discount.