$1 Billion in Tax Relief for Business Proposed by Governor Youngkin: Majority does not agree – Here’s Why

Governor Youngkin has many proposals and projects upcoming. One of his proposals is $ 1 billion in tax relief and more than $2.6 billion to be used as an investment into other enterprises.

The Governor is hopeful that his plan to reduce the business taxes, encourage workers and create a new workforce, will give companies a chance to grow their business.

They believe that the tax cuts will help them to re-invest in people, re-invest in infrastructure, and the total business which will be expanded in the other areas of their state.

Governor Youngkin is very positive that his plan will give the economy of the Commonwealth an extra kickstart. He is hoping that the 10% tax cut for small businesses will help local businesses increase their chance to succeed and help them recover because of the Covid-19 pandemic effects.

Part of his proposal is the plan to create more dual opportunities for enrollment. This is to allow students in high school to take college-level classes to meet their goal which is to give every high school graduate a chance to start a strong career even if they don’t have higher education.

According to the Governor, many potential opportunities for the people of Virginia do not require a college degree. For him, in order to better prepare the next generation of workers in Virginia, the most convenient place to prepare them is in high schools. These opportunities for students will help address hob vacancies seen in their commonwealth. Youngkin believes that great jobs and training opportunities will help them be provided a better path to make people go back to the workforce since companies have seen a strong increase in hiring especially for skilled workers.