Woman Discovered Dead in Bedroom, 2-Year-Old Daughter Found Locked Inside

A local mother was discovered dead in a bedroom, and her two-year-old daughter was found trapped in the bathroom on Sunday morning.

Police Report

A local lady was discovered dead in a bedroom on Sunday morning, and her two-year-old daughter was found trapped in the bathroom, according to a report from ExploreVenango website.

Around 10:44 a.m., Shenango Township police officers were called to a house on Prospect Street in South New Castle Borough, Lawrence County, according to state police in New Castle, for a welfare check on Sunday, December 11.

Police said that while her two-year-old daughter was found imprisoned in a bathroom with their dog, 39-year-old New Castle resident Amber Cribbs was located dead in the bedroom.

PSP New Castle was asked to undertake the investigation by the Shenango Township Authorities Department, according to the police.

photo: Mark D’aiuto on pexels.com

Various Drugs

According to authorities, a partial Major Case Team activation was started to look into the death after various drugs and drug-related objects were found there.

Oral swabs were forwarded to a separate lab for toxicology analysis by the Lawrence County Coroner’s Office.

Police report that there was no evidence of wrongdoing nearby.

The young patient was sent to a local hospital for further care.

The results of the toxicology test will not stop this probe from continuing.

Drug Addiction

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Since addiction may cause long-lasting alterations in the brain, substance addiction is regarded as a “relapsing” disorder. This implies that even after years of abstinence, those in recovery are still in danger of relapsing on drugs.

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