White Colorado Police Arrests and Beats Black Army Veteran

White police officials in Colorado arrested and beat a black individual on October 9th. The identity of the individual revealed that he was an  Army National Guard veteran named Dalvin Gadson. The incident received public attention after the body camera footage of the police officials was uploaded. In the video, it was evidently seen that Gadson was brutally thrashed and beaten. The audience shows their rage after seeing one of the officials smiling after beating the black man. The video was released on Tuesday.

Why did Colorado police beat Dalvin Gadson?

In October, Colorado police stopped Dalvin Gadson for improperly showing his driving license after his car malfunctioned. He was questioned and commanded to come out of the car by the police. After understanding that he would get arrested, Gadson tried to drive off the situation.


However, police pulled Gadson out of the car and beat him brutally. In their statement police mentioned that the individual smelled like unlawful substances. According to the sources, the police asked him to go through a clinical test to prove his under-influenced situation. As per the police, Gadson came out of the car and started attacking the police.

Dalvin Gadson
Credit- 9News

Apart from that, the police said Gadson’s car didn’t have a number plate.

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What do the lawyers have to say about the Colorado police case?

The lawyers of Dalvin Gadson have demanded a detailed investigation from the authority after the disturbing video streamed where a 29-year-old homeless Black Army veteran was seen getting thrashed by the police.

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The lawyers added that the incident is called to be influenced by racial discrimination as all the Colorado officers involved in the case were white. They couldn’t understand the situation of the homeless servant of the country. Rather, all they could do was humiliate and beat an individual based on his skin color.