Unsettling Clues Appear in Relation to Oakley Carlson Disappearance

Many people wonder what happened to Oakley Carlson, a 6-year-old girl who went missing last year. A year after her disappearance, strange clues have emerged in the search for her. She was reported missing months after she was physically unseen. 

Mysterious Disappearance of Oakley Carlson

The family’s neighbors said they hadn’t seen Oakley in a long time and that the school bus had stopped showing up to pick her up.

Jessica Swift from Oakville Elementary School visited to check on the family and deliver supplies to the girl’s parents in December 2021 after Jordan Bowen, Oakley’s mother, reported a fire. She noticed other kids running around, but Oakley was nowhere to be found; Jordan explained that she was in her room. She returned after two weeks, but Oakley was still unseen.

Until Oakley’s sister went to Swift’s house for a playdate with Swift’s daughter, only to find Oakley missing. She questioned Oakley and was informed that the missing girl no longer resides with them. And it was at that point that Swift reported Oakley missing, a source posted. 

Oakley’s sister was hushed and told not to tell anyone about Oakley. She is told that Oakley was eaten by wolves and cries whenever the investigators question her.

Bowen and Andrew Carlson, Oakley’s parents, both denied knowing what had happened to her and were arrested in December 2021 but released due to a lack of evidence. 

$85,000 Reward

Oakley’s biological parents have given up looking for her, but her foster parents still do everything they can to find her. The reward for finding Oakley has surpassed $85,000. Oakley’s foster mother, Jamie Jo Hiles, hopes this reward will encourage people to help them bring Oakley back and believes that money can talk. 

Justice for Oakley is planning a fundraiser at the Montesano Festival of Lights on Friday, December 9. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department.