Two Persons Found Dead in Car: Toddler, Newborn Unharmed at the Backseat

Two people were found dead in the front seat of a car outside Barnhill Contracting Co. in North Carolina.  Employees discovered the bodies while on their way to work, and a newborn and a toddler are both safe in the backseat and suspected to have left in the cold for several hours. 

Children with Dead Bodies

In the early morning on Thursday,  employees of Barnhill Contracting Co. discovered the bodies of 24-year-old Destiny Wiggins and 28-year-old Devone Brown outside the business. The authorities arrived at the crime scene around:15 a.m. and believed they were both shot and killed inside the car, according to a source

Both children are unharmed despite spending several hours outside in the cold, and the children’s connection to the victims is still unknown. There has been no arrest, and police have not revealed a possible motive for the murders.

Leaving Children Inside a Car for Hours is not Safe

Leaving children in a car for several hours, regardless of weather,  hot or cold, is dangerous. The two children are fortunate to have survived long periods of cold weather. There have been reports of children dying after being left inside a car.

A 5-year-old boy was left inside a car in Harris County in June because his mother was rushing to prepare for a birthday party. After two to three hours, the mother realized that his son had been left inside the car, but it was too late; the boy had died. He died due to a hot car, and it was discovered that they had rented the vehicle and were unfamiliar with its functionality.

In August, another 5-year-old boy was found dead inside a car in the parking lot of Br. Americo Paredes Elementary School in Rio Grande Valley. The poor boy was left inside the car as the temperature rose triple.