Tupac Shakur’s Stepfather Is Set To Get Released From Prison After 37 Years of Imprisonment

Mutulu Shakur, the stepfather of the American rapper Tupac Shakur is about to get released from jail on parole. The decision has been taken following his gradually deteriorating health after spending 37 years behind bars. 72-year-old Shakur is reportedly suffering from stage 3 blood cancer and is incapable of physically doing anything.

Tupac Shakur
Credit- The New York Times

Tupac Shakur was killed in a homicide incident in 1996 and his father was jailed in 1986 with multiple charges of robbery and being involved in the killings of two guards.

Tupac Shakur’s Stepfather Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu Shakur was one of the criminals on the list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives by the FBI. He was a prime suspect in multiple robberies that took place in New York and Connecticut in the 1980s. The robberies also caused the murder of three people- a guard and two officers.

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Sources state that Shakur was detained by the police in 1986 and sentenced to 60 years of imprisonment without parole. However, he has been released on parole for his worsening health conditions after 37 years of serving the sentence. In 2016, two attempts at getting parole were made highlighting his health condition but neither of them observed positive outcomes.

Shakur’s family has expressed their gratefulness toward his legal team and has asked the public to respect Shakur’s privacy while he is spending time with his family and addressing his health concerns.

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Mutulu Shakur Suffers From Blood Cancer

As per the reports, Tupac Shakur’s stepfather has been suffering from the third stage of a type of blood cancer, myeloma. The disease has directly impacted his immunity system damaging his bones and kidneys. Before getting parole, he was even treated at the federal medical center of Lexington, Kentucky.

Credit- Atlanta Black Star

Nevertheless, Shakur became unable to physically do anything. As a result, the former criminal has been provided with parole by the Bureau of Prisons.