Texas Southern University soon to become the HBCU hub for criminal justice research

Texas Southern University has been granted to become the HBCU hub for criminal justice research. Every crime in Houston from now on will be primarily assessed by the TSU later the attained data will be shared with the HBCUs in the USA. A grant of $351,000 has been provided to TSU by the Walmart Foundation for creating the HBCU hub.

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The chief goal of this upgrade is to reduce violent crime and mass incarceration in the city of Houston. In the process, the university will follow an association with the HBCU researchers, community members, and community organizations.

Texas Southern University has been granted

The Walmart Foundation has granted TSU an amount of $351,000 through Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity for becoming an HBCU hub for criminal justice research. This is a significant step toward criminal activity control in Houston, and the Hub will aim to assess and lessen the violent crime in the city.

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According to the sources, it is also articulated that the research center will also greatly help the city authorities with mass imprisonment and brutal crime. The hub is also expected to become a way to connect nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and policymakers and work together. Creating collaborations between all these segments will be another motive of the hub in reducing the rates of brutal crimes in Houston.

The TSU hub will further associate with the Center’s Researcher Development and Training Institute to enhance the development of the researchers through training and making eligible social engineers.

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Experts state on Texas Southern University becoming an HBCU hub-

The Director of the Center for Justice Research, Dr. Howard Henderson, has stated that the grant provided by the Walmart Foundation to Texas Southern University will widen the doors of opportunities for partnerships and alliances to eliminate violent crime in Houston as well as in other areas of the USA where crime has been increasing.

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Dr. Henderson has also shared that the contribution of the communities will be significant as they can provide the actual influence of violent crime and mass imprisonment.