Texas Killing Fields murder suspect, Robert Abel, former NASA engineer

Texas has observed several brutal crimes in its history and Killing Fields Murders is one of them. Bodies of several girls and young women who lived in the locality were found in the area. Robert Abel was the suspect in the murders and a NASA engineer. A recent Netflix docuseries reveals an interview with Abel taken in 1999 that gives evident insights into the crime.

Who is Robert Abel?

Robert Abel, a former NASA engineer who ran a minor horseback-riding business, remained one of the chief suspects in the Texas Killing Fields Murders case. He lived next to an oil field in League City that is infamously known as the Killing Fields. The police and the people of the locality believed that Abel was the killer of the young women whose bodies were found in the area between 1984 and 1991.

Police considered him a ‘serial sexual offender’ following his unusual behavior toward everything. Moreover, the authorities believed that Abel had a tempered and violent attitude that can usually be seen among serial killers. Though there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the convictions, he had to lead the life of a suspect in the community.

Tim Miller, the father of one of the victims whose body was found in the Killing Fields had threatened Abel, considering him the cause of his daughter’s death. Miller left threatening messages in Abel’s answering device.

The Netflix series on the incident, titled Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields, documents the case, authorities, suspects, and other related people.

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How did  Robert Abel die?

People in League made it hard for Robert Abel to reside in the locality. His day-to-day movement became difficult as people treated him like a serial killer. However, there was no evidence against him killing the young woman or any previous crime.

Following the unbearable treatment of the public, Abel moved to his parental property situated on another side of Texas. But the horrors of being a suspect in serial killing didn’t leave him alone.

Robert Abel
Credit- Texas Monthly

In 2005, his body was found on the railway tracks slammed by the train. According to sources, Abel committed suicide. People believe he got away with his brutal crimes.