Texas Armed Protesters Gather in a Drag Show in Support of All-Age Events

A drag show was organized outside the Aztec Theatre, in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday. It was a Christmas-themed show that welcomed people of all ages. There was a group of people noticed in the drag show with heavy weapons.

These armed groups of people were reportedly there to support the show and protest against anti-LGBTQ sentiments. Though there was an assumption that the drag show could turn into a violent one, however, it ended quite peacefully.

Drag show in San Antonio, Texas

Hosted by Nina West, a drag show was organized in San Antonio outside the Aztec Theatre. A large crowd attended the show that had a Christmas theme and all age groups were allowed in the event.

Drag show
Credit- Houston Chronicle

As per the reports, along with people in different costumes, groups of armed individuals were seen. They were carrying weapons like rifles and posters against fascism and anti-LGBTQ activities. One of the groups identified as This is Texas Freedom Force (TITFF). It is a far-right set of people that got the tag of ‘militia extremist group’ by the FBI. Guy Wesley Reffitt, one of its members is also a suspect in the 6th January Capitol attack.

Drag show
Credit- Houston Chronicle

However, the group has denied all the allegations. Observing their presence, a violent circumstance was expected by the other members. But no one created any nuisance. Though they were a little noisy.

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What did the TITFF member do at the Drag Show in Texas?

The TITFF members at the San Antonio drag show supported the notion of organizing the all-age event. Along with that, they protested against fascism and anti-LGBTQ sentiments. Ramon Garza, the leader of the group has stated that TITFF fights for human rights hence they are not against the LGBTQ communities.

Drag show
Credit- ABC7 Chicago

Veterans for Equality was another group that supported the drag show. Its member, Benjamin Clodfelter expressed that they were all armed so that the extremist groups don’t cause any violence.