Teenager Guilty of Fatally Stabbing 16-Year-Old Cheerleading Captain

On Dec.  20, the unnamed 15-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to killing Kayla Green, 16, in Mount Vernon on April 8, 2022. On Jan. 24, the teenager, who is accused of first-degree manslaughter, will receive a sentence of three to nine years in state prison.

Senseless Act of Crime 

The defendant fatally stabbed Green in the abdomen during Mount Vernon High School’s celebratory parade on Gramatan Avenue, according to Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah. Green was taken to the Bronx’s Jacobi Medical Center, where doctors declared her dead. She caused non-life-threatening lacerations to another teen at the parade.

The charges against the defendant were later dropped because of the teen’s age after the defendant was arrested later that evening in Dobbs Ferry. Because of the defendant’s young age, the 15-year-old defendant who killed Kayla Green on April 8 was sentenced to 3 to 9 years in a state juvenile detention facility, according to a dailyvoice.com report. 

Rocah wishes the road to healing could start for all the families affected by the senseless violence. The defendant has admitted guilt for taking Kayla Green’s life and is now held accountable for this heinous and tragic event.

Celebration Turned Nightmare

Green served as captain of Mount Vernon High School’s junior varsity cheerleading squad. The defendant was a former member of Green’s independent cheerleading team, the Supreme All Stars.

Immediately following a parade and City Hall celebration honoring the Mount Vernon High School boy’s basketball team, a large fight broke out, and Videos taken on various cell phones captured the altercation, a source posted.

When the defendant opened the back door of the car, Green and her friend Mainece Simpson were inside. When Simpson exited, several girls surrounded him as a police officer pushed the defendant to the side. She reentered the melee while brandishing a knife, and it appeared that she struck Simpson twice as he was also struck by another person brandishing a large stick.

Green then exited the vehicle and joined the brawl, initially being pushed aside before reentering. Another girl struck her twice on the side of the head. Then the defendant stabbed Green in the back, grabbed her sweatshirt, and stabbed her once more underneath it.