Skeletal Remains of Missing Man in 1997 Discovered on Colorado Overlook; Reveal Something Else

In 1997 when a man, 48, went to the wilderness; and more than 20 years later decades until a hunting guide stumbled across his remains on a Colorado overlook.

Based on a Dec. 16 press statement from DNASolves which was divvied up by the Mesa County Coroner’s Office, years ever since he had been last seen, DNA analysis recognized the remnants to be those of Man Missing in 1997 as never found, but skeletal remains discovered on Colorado Overlook is his, reported Star-Telegram.

The skeletal remains were discovered in December 2019 while one hunting guide was searching for a position in Gateway, according to a press release.

A pistol, a leather holster, a red flashlight with either a blue or white cord, a red and black cloth pack with such a strap, a white metal Camel cigarette zippo-style lighter, as well as a Camel cigarette pack were found alongside the remains.

More items were found close to the remains by the police did not get anything that would help in knowing who the skeleton is.

In that same month, the remains were found; the information was entered into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Photo by Jon Butterworth on Unsplash

To identify who the bones are in that same month; remains were given to the University of North Texas and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, but it was not identified successfully.

Another attempt to know the owner of the bones was done in 2022; Mesa County Coroner’s Office partnered with Othram, which specializes in forensic genealogy.

Immediately the skeletal remains were sent to Othram’s lab which is located in Woodland Texas; it was a good attempt and the remains were profiled too.

Their in-house genealogy team tried forensic genealogy to make leads to the identity of the bones; then given to the Mesa County Coroner’s Office investigators. Finally, it was learned who the bones were and it was Watt’s; was last seen alive on June 16, 1997, noted KDVR.