Santa on Two Wheels: New Bikes as Gifts Given to Houston ISD Kids

Santa came early for the Houston ISD kid, who received almost 600 new bikes before Christmas. All received one as the best gift they could receive. These kids were asked what they wished for holidays, and many got what they wanted, reported Fox26.

New Bikes for Christmas

They said that a bike was what they wanted, and some had never even had a bike.

Another said a bike would allow them to play with their brothers too. One kid wanted a new one because the one he owned was old and rusty.

After talking to the kids from Raul Martinez Elementary School, many bikes were brought into the school building. They were provided with helmets and will be put under the school Christmas tree. They will be given to every second grader, noted Bain News.

Another little girl squealed, and her schoolmate was happy; everyone liked the bikes.

(photo by: Karolina Grabowska)

Martinez Elementary is just one school chirping with action and brilliant grins. Oxy Energy teamed up with Wish For Wheels to buy 575 bicycles for every second-grader at ten Houston ISD schools.

One little boy said he needed to learn how to ride a bike now. One more student commented that it was perfect. But first-timers need to learn how to ride, so no fancy bike tricks until then.

A bicycle is a big deal for youngsters, and though purchasing one does not really match the family budget, I asked Farmer if he had to wait a while to get his first bike and if he ended up getting it as soon as he wanted it. The farmer answered that he had to wait a bit.

It is an occasion that these children will most likely remember for the rest of their lives because, no matter how old you get, you will remember when you got your first bike.