Princeton Killer Sows Fear on Campus After Leaving Ominous ‘Be Nicer’ Note on Door of Student

Princeton, New Jersey; after Misrach Ewunetie went missing and was killed, there was a hint that she was with someone who could be her killer.

That same Princeton killer has made many Princeton students fear they are next; a note saying “Be Nicer” has made everyone fearful that a next victim is following, as reported by Meaww.

Ms. Ewunetie, aged 20, went missing on October 14, and her cadaver was later seen about six days after, dumped in the university tennis court. The pandemic left the corpse with no autopsy to verify the cause of death till February.

Is there an unknown killer waiting to kill someone else?

University officials say it will be safe, but students have no reason to worry. On the day the victim went missing, that’s when a ‘Be Nicer’ was placed on a student’s door, noted the Daily Mail.

Mikayla Merin revealed a man she did not know. He left a tell-tale note, which also ruined the door. It would cause her to miss school for a month

Other students react to the possibility of killers on campus

Faeve Mussie, who represented the Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association, told a paper that what the school did was wrong. The administration should not have caused panic with unverified information.

Many students are concerned because the victim’s body was discovered in a remote location, and her phone was used one last time at the school.

Most unnerving are the ominous note and the busted door on the same day she was nowhere to be found. Mussie added that they are not sure if someone will turn up dead next. But it’s worse for the slain girl’s family and relatives, who have no idea what is going on.

Police have no proof of foul play against Misrach Ewunetie and no indication of homicide.  It’s not sure if the Princeton killer let the “be nicer” note slip, but nothing can be done.