Prediction Comes True: Grandfather Predicts Grandson will Win $1 Million Lottery

Dalton Radford, 18, won $1 million from a lottery scratch-off ticket he purchased from a convenience store in Dallas, North Carolina. Radford stated that his grandfather predicted that he would win a million dollars in a lottery a few weeks before his lucky day.

Prediction Came True

Radford works for the government, and on his way to his second job, he stopped at a convenience store to buy an energy drink and two lottery tickets. He hit the jackpot from the tickets he had just bought when he got into the parking lot.

He called his mother, father, and grandfather to share the good news, and everyone was happy about the good news, a source posted. Radford revealed that his grandfather told him weeks before he won that he would win a million dollars.

According to the NC Education Lottery, Radford chose the lump-sum option of $600,000, leaving him with just under $426,000 after taxes. He intends to purchase a new Chevrolet Silverado and deposit the remaining funds in a bank.

Lottery Winners in Texas 

A few days ago, someone in Georgetown won a $1 million Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket after purchasing a Power 200X ticket at 19348 Ronald W. Reagan Blvd. There are more than $152.3 million in prizes. The Power 200X scratch-off game offers total prizes and 27 chances to win.

Another scratch-off ticket made an Austin resident a million dollars richer last month, thanks to a bit of luck and a scratch-off ticket. The winning ticket for the game “Money” was purchased at Elgin Country Store, 18810 Highway 290 East in Elgin, and the winner wishes to remain anonymous.

This was the second of four $1 million top prizes won in this game, which has a total prize pool of more than $122.9 million.  It  is the third Texas Lottery win in Central Texas this month, following two other million-dollar prizes won playing Powerball. One ticket was sold in Cedar Park, while the other was sold in Round Rock.