Philadelphia Police to solve mystery of ‘Boy in the Box’ case by revealing name of victim after 65 years

In 1957, the Philadelphia police were informed about a box under which a three to seven years old boy was found naked in a box and beaten to death. After 65 years, the city police will finally reveal his identity. Throughout the years, people have applied several theories to relate the case. However, no solid pieces of evidence were found.

Boy found in box in Philadelphia-

The Philadelphia police were informed about a mysterious box found on Susquehanna Road in the city neighborhood of Fox Chase on February 25th, 1957. After arriving at the location, the officials found a dead body of a child of three to seven years of age. He was naked and had evident bruise marks on his body suggesting the victim was brutally beaten.

Credit- Medial News Today

Police started investigating but had no growth in terms of solving the mystery. The boy gained the public’s sympathy but failed to get identified by anybody and remained as the ‘Unknown Child of America’ in the police records. Nevertheless, Newsweek suggests that Philadelphia police have finally solved the case and know the dead boy’s identity. It is expected to be revealed soon to the public.

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Theories related to Philadelphia ‘Boy in the Box’

Experts and people have claimed several theories to solve the case of ‘Boy in the Box.’ One of the theories suggested by the medical examiner’s office employee, Remington Bristow. With the help of a psychic, he said that the boy has a relationship with a nearby foster home run by an older man. They claimed that the child was the son of the stepdaughter of the older man.

As per the theory, the boy was tortured to death and was covered by the old man so that his stepdaughter doesn’t get arrested.

Credit- Times News Network

Another claim by the forensic expert Frank Bender suggests that the naked boy was looked after as a girl since birth. Bender highlighted the unorthodox haircut of the child and his styled eyebrows.

After 65 years of the body getting found, police have some concrete evidence of the identity of the victim. It is believed to be attained through the latest DNA technology. People are soon to get a clearance on his identity and know what was