NYC Cops: Teen Girl Molested by Assailant After Offering a Mobile Phone

New York cops got a complaint from a teen girl, about 14 years old, who was a victim of an attempted sex attack from an unknown assailant.

Based on the details of the report, which indicated the sexual predator did the sick act on a Bronx street last Thursday, She went on to say that the assailant tried to offer her a cellphone.

According to the teenager who narrated what happened to her when the sick pervert did his nauseous act of lasciviousness.

At 7:15 p.m., she was walking near the intersection of Walton Avenue and East 167 Street, Concourse, when the creep approached her. The cops then asked her if she wanted a phone, reported MSN.

Things went bad from there when she did not accept the disturbed man’s offer; next, he would be grabbing her boobs and buttocks, which was an unwanted advance.

But once he got what he wanted by smushing the girl’s sensitive parts, he ran away from the scene.

Picture of suspect courtesy of NYPost
Picture of suspect courtesy of NYPost


The New York Police Department Talks

Observations by the NYPD say that the suspect planned to ask his victim about a cell phone before attempting anything. The groping of the sensitive parts came after he was close enough to grope.

The victim did not require any medical help when asked later on by the authorities. According to the NYPD Special Victims Unit, it is still investigating the case, NYPost.

Further investigation in the area yielded a video of what happened last Thursday captured by a camera from a nearby business.