New York Police: Pervert Molests a 14-Year-Old Girl in Bronx

New York Police Department reported a molestation case in the city on Monday where a pervert groped the breasts and buttocks of a 14-year-old girl. As per the sources, the individual walked toward the teenager while she was walking by the Bronx street. The suspect was seen in a surveillance camera. The police are trying to find the molester based on the clips recorded in the camera. However, no arrests are made so far.

Man molests a teenager in New York City-

On Monday evening at around 7:15 p.m. a young girl was walking by Walton Avenue and East 167 Street. She was approached by a weird man who offered her a cell phone. When she denied his offer, he groped her breasts and buttocks in a perverted way. He then ran away from the scene before getting any reaction from the teenager.

Credit- Us Times Today

The police stated that the molester offered her a phone with the intention to grope her. He hasn’t been arrested yet however, officials have informed the public that the molester has a medium complexion and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a dark yellow hoodie, black jacket, blue jeans, grey sneakers, and a mask.

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Police offered medical support to the victim but she didn’t go into it.

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Charges against molestation in New York-

New York City follows strict regulations against child molestation. Forcible touching, sexual assault, public lewdness, statutory rape, and sexual abuse are considered serious crimes as per the New York Penal Code.

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The incident that happened to the teenager at Bronx street is a circumstance of forcible touching. NYPC suggests any situation where an individual touches the private part to abuse or degrade will be jailed for at least a year. So, if the molester of the 14-year-old girl gets caught he will be receiving strict punishment.