NASA Scientist George Leonard Makes Shocking Claims About Apollo Moon Mission

Several NASA officials have unveiled unfathomable facts about the Apollo Moon Mission, 1969 wherein Neil Armstrong became the first human being to step on the moon’s surface.

NASA Scientist George Leonard States Surprising Facts About the Apollo Mission


Leonard, a NASA scientist, and a photo analyst have alleged that the US government mishandled the real pictures and documents of the 1969 Apollo Moon Mission.

As per reliable sources, he has claimed that most of the original pictures taken during the mission were confiscated by the government.

As a photo analyst, he has managed to get his hands on many of these original photos. He has even published them in his recently published book titled ‘Somebody Else Is On The Moon.’

But the primary issue is that the pictures which the NASA scientist has obtained are of poorer resolution. Moreover, their size is so small that barely any detain can be noticed.

Apart from these pictures, he has also given shocking statements about actual findings on the moon’s surface. He blamed the US government for hiding the truth from the masses.

If reports are to be believed then the US government had forced NASA to delete at least 40 rolls of pictures and videos which were filmed during the entire journey to the moon.

Russia is Currently Investigating NASA’s 1969 Moon Landings

The US government’s endeavors to conceal information about the Apollo Mission have caught the attention of Russia.

In fact, that nation is conducting a separate investigation on the 1969 moon landings. If sources are to be believed then Russia doubts if anyone from NASA has actually set their feet on the moon.


The disappearance of the original moon landing footage has increased the doubts of the Russian government.

Also, several NASA scientists have criticized the government for trying to conceal such information from the masses. These science professionals think that everyone has the right to know the truth.

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