Mother shot in murder-suicide incident outside Texas Children’s Hospital; daughter unharmed at back seat

Houston Police Department is investigating a murder-suicide case outside Texas Children’s Hospital on Sunday afternoon. A woman was found dead by a man who shot himself inside a car. An unharmed child was found in the back seat of the vehicle. Police clarified that the woman was the child’s mother, but the man wasn’t her father.

How the murder-suicide case took place

As per Fox 7, the police department of Houston received several calls informing about a shooting. The address was 18200 Katy Freeway which was learned to be the location of Texas Child Hospital situated in Houston. After arriving at the location, the officers found two bodies of a man and a woman with bullet marks. It was evident that the man shot the woman before killing himself.

The police found a child in the backseat of the car who didn’t have any wounds on her body. It was revealed afterward that it was the 8-year-old daughter of the deceased woman. However, the man wasn’t her father. The police have suspected some link between the two departed personalities but haven’t tagged it with a love angle.

It is suspected that the woman tried to get out of the car when she got shot. But the exact reason for the murder and suicide is still unknown.

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What the victims doing near the children’s hospital

The investigation has revealed that the departed duo came to the children’s hospital to seek medical help for the child. But no evidence claimed the same as they didn’t enter the hospital. Ban Tien, Assistant Chief of the Houston Police Department, stated that the 8-year-old child was provided with medical facilities and is doing fine now.

The police are investigating the case to know the relationship between the man and woman as well as the reason for the murder-suicide. The identity of the duo hasn’t been shared.