Mom Accused of Malice and Felony for Murder of Own Toddler in Georgia

A mother in Georgia got several charges like malice and felony, with other crimes, too for the death of her toddler son.

Last December 14, District Attorney Shalena Cook-Jones for Chatham County said the mother, Leilani Simon, 22, has 19 counts of charges for the murder of her son, Quinton Simon, reported Meaww.

The DA said a grand jury indicts the accused for concealing the death of the child. She is accused of 19 counts and reporting false crime, remarked the New York Post.

The grandmother of Quinton, Billie Jo Howell, got arrested for another charge not connected to the toddler’s demise. On Monday, December 12, she was put in the county jail.

Jones added as the district attorney. It was crucial to know what happened to the toddler; the whole community wanted to know. More will be known soon.

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Mom Attacked Toddler

Based on the evidence that says Leilani attacked the boy with something and killed him, Quinton took his corpse and threw it in a dumpster located in the Azalea Mobile Home Plaza, as mentioned by the court records.

Mom claimed in the case that it was only trash getting thrown out and just usual garbage. She told this in a TV interview in late October, saying she just wanted to find the child. Even denied any part in the disappearance.

Though in the case against her, she had to leave the house and meet a drug dealer as a lie. It is supposed to happen before throwing her son’s body in the rubbish.

She is charged by the police a month ago when the boy’s bones were found in a dump; last October 5. A Missing report was filed when the boy was missing.

Claiming that she last saw the tot in the Savannah house, where her boyfriend, son, and mom; were the guardian of her two children.