Man Was Shot Over $500 Car Repair Bill Days Before Christmas in Houston

A family man in Houston, Texas was shot after getting into a dispute over a $500 car repair bill days before Christmas.

Man in Houston
A family man in Houston was shot over $500 car repair charge. (Photo: FOX)

Man Was Killed Over a $500 Car Repair Bill

The family of a man who was gunned down two days before Christmas is now asking the public to help them find his killers. The victim was identified as 29-year-old Luis Manuel Casillas who was killed in the 7600 block of the North Freeway Friday afternoon.

A witness said that Casillas was at his body shop fixing a truck with his customer. However, they got into an argument over the $500 charge, and following it, the commotion started, according to a published report in MSN News.

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Siblings of the Victim Released a Statement

Sandy Casillas, sister of the victim, said, “My brother started running. He ran through all the side businesses he could run through. They did catch up to him, and they shot him in the head. (Point) blank. They put him on his knees, and they shot him in the head.”

She also said that there were six suspects whom she believed were younger men. On the other hand, Houston Police did not yet release any information about the suspects and the description of their vehicles.

Meanwhile, Luis Casillas’ brother, Jose Casillas said that he had been in contact with the victim before the confrontation happened. He even shared with the news outlet the screenshot of their conversation.

Jose Casillas added “After that, I just received a call that my brother has been shot. I didn’t believe it at first,” Luis Casillas leaves behind a wife and two daughters, aged 2 and 3.