Man arrested for shooting, attempting to rob an Uber driver

The Robbery Division of the Houston Police Department located and apprehended a man who had shot his Uber driver when the driver refused to change his destination on November 27.  It turns out that a month before he shot his Uber driver, he had been released on bond for assaulting a pregnant woman.

Uber Driver Refused To Take Suspect To Another Location

The Uber driver informed the suspect Manny Diaz-Massa that his shift was coming to an end and that he would not be continuing on to their next location. According to Newsbreak, the Uber driver claims that Diaz-Massa became furious and began to threaten him with violence.

Then, the suspect convinced the Uber driver to take them to the Shell gas station on Quitman St. Diaz-Massa told the Uber driver to pull into a dark spot on the opposite side of the parking lot when they reached the location.

However, the Uber driver parked the car in a well-lit place. When the Uber driver parked, the suspect ordered the two passengers out of the car and unlocked the trunk, according to the court filings.

After dropping off Diaz-Massa’s companion, Mariah Williams, and their dog, he got out of the car. Diaz-Massa got out of the car and went up to the Uber driver who had just gotten in.

Then, putting the gun at the driver’s chest, he told him to get out of the car and demanded the keys. The Uber driver told authorities that he managed to push the gun before the shot went off.

Charged With Assaulting A Pregnant Woman

The suspect walked away from the scene as his companion called for a second Uber, which arrived before the police came.

Surveillance footage from the motel where the couple was picked up reportedly showed them checking in the day before the crime, corroborating the statements of the investigating officers, KHOU reported.

The employees at the motel claimed to have met Williams since she is the daughter of a loyal customer. Williams was contacted by the investigators, and she provided information that helped them locate Diaz-Massa.

Williams added that he was also accused of attacking a pregnant woman in another case she mentioned.

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