Ken Paxton Asks Public Safety Department to Get Complete List of Texas Transgenders

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton has asked the Department of Public Safety to get him a list containing the number of transgender people residing in Texas.

Ken Paxton Seeks Actionable Data About Transgender People Presently Living in Texas


As per reliable sources, the Texas Attorney General has requested the Department of Public Safety to compile a list of all the transgender people living in the state.

An email from the Chief of the DPS’s driver’s license division is recently doing rounds in Texas.  In the mail, the chief specified that the government needs minute detail of the people who have undergone sex change in the past two years.

He further added that as of now only the basic details of these people are required. The concerned authorities might manually check id IDs of these people if needed, stated the email.


If reports are to be believed that Ken Paxton might have been asking for the details of all transgender people to track them down and make stringent transition rules.

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Is Ken Paxton Expected to Promote Discrimination Against  Transgender Community?

The fact that Texas authorities have always been indiscriminate against transgenders cannot be ignored. In fact, in November 2021, Governor Greg Abbott announced a bill to restrict transgender children from taking part in sports-based activities.


Moreover, he is also seeking to introduce a new law under which a person or institution offering gender-affirming child care will be booked on charges of child abuse.

Apart from that, Texas has also banned minors from attending drag shows. Therefore, in such circumstances, Ken Paxton’s sudden demand for the list of transgender people might pose of a severe threat to the entire community.

There are chances that this community might ban numerous restrictions in years to come. As of now, the public safety department has not revealed if it has compiled the list of transgender people and handed it over to the Attorney General.

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