Indianapolis Fatal Stabbing Spree Murderess Free from Death Penalty, Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Kirsten Wolf, 30, was charged by prosecutors in Indianapolis after she went on a bizarre and fatal stabbing spree in May 2020. The accused accepted a 100-year sentence and will be convicted in January 2023.

Intended to Kill Strangers

Wolf has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of attempted battery with a deadly weapon, according to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. The state appears to have agreed to drop the death penalty in exchange for the plea.

Wolf was identified following the stabbing spree in Indianapolis based on the victims’ statements. The police discovered she was employed at Madison Correctional Facility. She tried to deny the allegations, claiming she wasn’t working and had been with a friend before asking for a lawyer.

However, evidence pointed to her as the perpetrator. Investigators discovered multiple combat-style knives, several additional pieces of clothing with the same IDC patch as the hat left at the crime scene, and a series of papers in which she expressed her curiosity and desire to kill during a search at her home, a source posted. 

The police also discovered writings about her murderous plans, writing that she thought about killing her boyfriend or his wife but decided instead to kill a stranger and was arrested while at work.

Passion to Kill

Wolf’s criminal act was unimaginable, as she decided to go on a stabbing spree and kill strangers. On May 11, 2020, three people went to see their roommates at their far-west side Indianapolis home.

When IMPD officers arrived at Carriage House West, they decided to enter the unit through the back door and discovered a brutal crime scene. They said there was blood in the living room, kitchen, and on various walls on the apartment’s first floor.

The woman with the knife had fled by the time the cops responded. Victoria Cook was discovered dead from stab wounds by officers, Dylan Dickover died in the hospital, and a second woman was taken to the operating room.