Indiana Man Shoots, Partially Dismembers Father Thinking He was Robot Replacement

Mitchell, Indiana had a shock as an Indiana man, 53, got 10 criminal charges that includes shooting his father dead and carving up the body leaving the corpse on the lawn, reported True Crime Daily.

Last Tuesday, December 20 at exactly 6:05 pm when the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office deputies got a call to make a welfare check. They did visit Rodney Hays, 73, who lived at 500 block of Easy Street.

That’s when they saw his son, Shawn Hays trying to escape a Chevy Pickup.

Deputies saw his handiwork

Circumstances of the call and seeing the hurried Shawn Hays who had a shotgun inside the truck, they took caution while one of the officers distracted the man.

Next, the man had a scuffle with officers, who later secured the suspect before continuing with the welfare check. That’s when the corpse of Rodney was seen and he was arrested.

Based on the Lawrence County court case that disclosed that Hays is charged with criminal charges, specifically murder, abusing a corpse, battery with more counts,

Son thought dad was robot

As shown in the reasonable cause affidavit acquired by WXIN-TV, Shawn Hays supposedly posted on Facebook regarding his presumption that his father was already abducted or brutally murdered and it was a robot who was there now.

While he talked to the investigators, Hays had become confident that the dad he grew up knowing wasn’t existent.

He told the police that his dad is real but a human-like robot that needs to be destroyed by him at all costs.

Rodney Hays was slain by his son who shot his head and chest brutally. The reason for chopping up the body and mutilating the corpse was to check if it was human at all!