Husband Accused of Murder and Chopped Up Wife’s Body Before Reported Missing Says Police

Bucks County, Pennsylvania; last October when a 55-year-old woman, Elizabeth “Beth” Capaldi was reported missing. It was later learned that he husband of 30 years is suspected of murder chopping up her body and then told she was gone to avoid suspicion, reported Miami Herald.

Stephen Capaldi according to a grand jury stated that he had an emotional and sexual affair in the last six months with someone else.

According to the County DA Matt Weintraub informed that on October 10 when he strangled his spouse and followed suffocation with a pillow, stated on December 15, reported 6ABC.

He added that the accused later moved the woman’s body from the bed in the master bedroom to the basement. Where did the grisly dismembering of Elizabeth’s corpse on October 10 set out to get rid of the cut and quartered body parts.

Furthermore, added that the chopped-up woman’s daughter had called in a missing person report; on the same day that the body was quartered and cut by Stephen.

Beth Capaldi from Miami Herald

New details by the county DA

According to the DA saying the daughter told him that she’ll call in and that her mom was missing. He allegedly told her what is best based on a grand jury report. Remarked that her mom going missing is very uncanny and unlike her to run off.

It was learned that Elizabeth would not do anything without telling her daughter her whereabouts and plans as well. One fact is the deceased mom would not leave her mother, who stayed in close by nursing home included in the grand jury report.

Last October 12, Stephen Capaldi got an interview and told the Bucks County detectives what he thought. He stated that Elizabeth left of her own volition with no idea where his wife had gone as well.

But the detectives had doubts and learned he lied to them, and surrendered his phone which added to suspicions. In the end, a husband who is accused of murder, also chopping up his wife’s body cannot avoid justice.