Houston Woman Involved in Mail Theft in Churches Gets Arrested

Following several theft reports of mail in churches in the North Texas area of Flower Mound and Dallas-Fort Worth territory, police carried out an investigation. The reports were recorded in the period of November 2nd to November 10th.

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According to the sources, Flower Mound police have arrested the chief suspect of mail theft, a woman named Graciela Carolina Munoz-Paz, a resident of Houston. Further investigation is under process to shed light on the case.

Police arrest Houston woman with mail theft charges

Flower Mound police took 30-year-old Graciela Carolina Munoz-Paz into custody with the charges of stealing numerous mails from various churches situated in the north of Texas. The woman is from Houston and has reportedly stolen more than 50 mails. Munoz-Paz was arrested on 17th November after being located in a nearby church.

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After receiving information about the thefts from different areas, police tried to look for the prime suspect. However, Munoz-Paz executed her plans cleverly and didn’t leave evidence after the theft. She targeted churches only and didn’t use her name to transfer the checks’ amount. Rather, she used different accounts operated by different people every time.

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Charges put on Houston woman

Reports state that Munoz-Paz has been suspected to be linked with 50 or more mail theft cases and is charged with mail theft, faking of a governmental tool, and fake use or possession of identification details by the Flower Mound police department. The accused was held in Denton County jail for further investigation.

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Flower Mound police department has applauded the endeavor of their Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions to solve the case and arrest the suspect from Houston. The case is handed over to the United States Postal Inspectors for further investigation.