Houston suspect gets flat tires after hitting 2 police vehicles while on chase

Houston police located a car without headlights on Sunday morning in the northwest part of the city at 6900 Business Park Drive. During a chase between the driver and the police to stop the vehicle, the accused hit two police cars.

Police chased Houston suspect

After noticing a car without headlights on 6900 Business Park Drive, police tried to chase and stop the driver. According to ABC13, the driver didn’t turn his headlights on while driving from the parking lot.

Credit- Bloomberg

The driver drove through Eldridge Parkway and Barker Cypress to Highway 6. He ignored the police cars by driving fast and ultimately slammed with two official vehicles. However, there was minimal damage to the vehicles but the accused got his tires flat after the crash.

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Police update on the case-

Police stated that even without headlights, the driver drove the car, covered a long distance on the highway, and reached Westpark. The incident took place at night after 12 a.m.

Credit- IIHS

The identity of the suspect has been kept secret by the police. He didn’t get physical injuries after the hit and has been arrested by the Houston police. The officials are yet to reveal the reason for his unusual act.