House Approves Short-Term Measure To Extend Funding, Crafting Massive Omnibus Spending Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the short-term measure bill that extends the crafting of a massive “Omnibus Spending Bill” for another week.

House approves short-term measure to stop federal government shutdown. (Photo: Yahoo)

House Approves Short-Term Measure

The U.S. House of Representatives has not yet come up with an agreement over the massive Omnibus Spending Bill. To extend the federal funding discussion, the House decided to approve the short-term measure that extends the talks for another week or on Dec.23.

On Wednesday, the vote was 224-201 with nine Republicans joining the Democratic majority. After this, the legislation will be debated and discussed on the floor by the Republican and Democratic Senators before it will be handed to the President’s table.

Moreover, passing the temporary funding bill or the short-term measure is a major step to stopping the federal government shutdown on Friday at midnight.

House Appropriations Chairwoman Released A Statement

House Appropriations Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro said, “The legislation before us today is a simple date change that keeps the government up and running as we negotiate the details of final spending bills and complete the work of funding the government programs that meet the needs of hardworking Americans.”

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy called for a temporary spending bill that lasted until after Jan. 3 said, “Allow the American people what they said a month ago: to change Washington as we know it today. We can’t afford to spend what the Democrats have.”