Herschel Walker’s Son Speaks on his Father’s Defeat as 2022 US Senator

Republican Herschel Walker has lost his run for the Senator post from Georgia against the Democrat Raphael Warnock. The win has also brought the 51st seat and majority to Warnock’s party. Walker lost the position by around 40,000 votes.

The loss has significantly impacted the politician and the Republican party. Walker’s son Christian Walker has expressed his feelings after his father’s defeat in the election through Twitter.

Herschel Walker’s son reacts to his loss

Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s son, speaks on his father’s loss in an emotional way on Twitter. He highlights many of Herschel’s misdeeds toward his family. The shameful defeat is all Herschel deserved, as per his son.

Credit- Rolling stone

According to Advocate, he condemned his father’s loss by saying that beating women, holding guns to people’s heads, funding abortions, stalking cheerleaders, leaving one’s multiple minor children alone, and lying cannot make someone win the election.

Christian calls his father “not a family man” for his ill-treatment toward his family. He further states Herschel left his family so that he could be with other women. Throughout the years, the politician made fun of his family, threatened to kill them, and made them relocate six times within just six months.

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Herschel Walker’s son

Christian Walker was born to Herschel Walker and his former wife, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, on September 30, 1999. He attended the University of California. Walker is a social media influencer and identifies himself as gay. 

Christian Walker
Credit- Buzz Feed News

Christian has recently made it to the news headlines after revealing his father’s behavior toward the Walker family. the 23-year-old made statements on his Twitter handle on 4th December, making surprising revelations. However, The Guardian questions these revelations based on a quite cherishing family reunion.