Good News! SNAP Benefits for Virginians Extended Through December

Virginia has once more extended SNAP assistance to qualified households, aiding citizens across the Commonwealth, the Department of Social Services disclosed recently.

The Virginia DSS said that SNAP benefits would be automatically loaded onto EBT cards for Virginia residents on Dec. 16, 10Wavy

SNAP benefits can be used as cash to purchase approved food items from registered merchants. The Virginia EBT card image or the Quest logo will be displayed at authorized retailers.

The recipient’s household size will determine how much money the government will place onto the benefit cards. Utilizing the chart below, you can determine how much you might the recipients will be awarded. The maximum allocation is shown on the chart according to household size.

The benefit amount can range from $281 for a single person to $1,691 for a household of eight.

Even though the additional benefits have been in place for more than two years, states are still compelled to reapply for them each month as they wait for the approval. On Virginia’s CommonHelp website, people can submit an online application for SNAP assistance.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Eligible households open SNAP accounts, and automatic deposits are made each month. They will also get an EBT card to access the account, which will debit it each time eligible food items are bought. These cards can only be used with a personal identification number (PIN) that is kept secret, as per the Virginia Commonwealth website.

Applicants must meet specific bank balance requirements and reside in the state where they apply to be eligible for this benefit program. A higher bank balance cap may apply to households with elderly (over 60) or disabled residents.

Go to the SNAP eligibility page to learn more about eligibility requirements and how benefits are calculated.