Florida Woman Says Dad Murdered Dozens for Decades; Slams Investigators Not Doing Enough

A Florida woman who claims that her dad murdered dozens of people over thirty years sent a letter last Wednesday asking investigators to be more concerned. They reported having been looking in the wrong well a week ago.

Lucy Studey, 53, said that their investigations have not turned up anything significant.

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Murdered victim (Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash)

The Alleged Killer

She says her dad, Donald Dean Studey, is a serial killer responsible for the killing of many women, most of whom were transients and streetwalkers with two men, she added; this was reported by MSN.

When the authorities were doing the digging and she tried to inform them that it was not the right place to look, But no answer was gotten from them, the FBI, or the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

An open letter was sent to Newsweek, drawing attention to the case’s investigators, who did not respond to the letter for comment.

She later said that after an attempt to end her life on December 11, 2022, with a note published on Facebook, It said that the FBI and Iowa DCI were the reasons for her trying to kill herself, as noted by Headtopics.

They Finally Addressed Her

On December 13, 2022, the FBI and DCI called her, and they discussed with someone how the exact location was all mixed up.

She asked FBI Agent Ben Carter, Iowa DCI David Hendrick, and Darrel Simmons to do what was right. She also said that they have got the wrong place and the wrong hill because they won’t admit they botched up the search for the right area.

But Detective Mitch Mortvedt with the DCI spoke to an outlet and said the case was closed. He also stated that nothing was discovered that Lucy had pointed out on two occasions. But last Tuesday, the official said it was all done and final.

The Florida woman, whose dad murdered dozens, said that she will pursue it further.